Overview of the Project

Taken from CPS’ website at Gettysburg College:

This project is a fascinating experience for those interested in Native American history, culture, traditional and contemporary spirituality, art, health, education, environmental issues, political systems, and technological influences. Participants will gain first hand knowledge of the San Carlos Apaches through living with host families, meeting with leaders on the reservation, serving in offices and schools, and hiking to historic sites.

Service Placements:

This immersion project is unique because students can preference a field of interest to explore through service placements. Options include:

Unique experiences are available for participants interested in education and/or working with children. Participants will have the chance to work with Native American children and see how the schools try to balance state and federal educational goals while also teaching native traditions and history. Educational sites include two elementary schools and a local day care.

Environmental issues are important to the Apache people. In years past, participants have worked with San Carlos EPA to take surveys, Recreation and Wildlife Department in counting wildlife, and with the Tribal Archaeologist to collect and move artifacts for future analysis.

The San Carlos Apache strive to break the history of diabetes, alcoholism, and suicide that has plagued their reservation. Past participants have worked with various health centers to advocate for better health conditions and counseling for those suffering from suicide thoughts.

San Carlos Reservation has made great strides in the digital divide with the help of Gettysburg College employees. Service placements exist at Apache offices for those interested in technology.

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